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30th-1st August 2015

Kevin wins the first day of the Welsh National with Kemi Ross on 214/220 points, just 20 months old.

Jimmy also made the Welsh Team 203/220 points.

Kemi Ross was 3rd overall and Jimmy 10th.


March 27th-29th 2015

Eurpean Nursery 2015

Kevin and Tanhill Glen are the European Nursery Champions 2015!!!

December 12th 2014

The All Wales Nursery Final

Champion Moss and Reserve Champion Tanhill Glen

Results on Results Page

October 5th 2014

Kevin and Jimmy are the reserve One man and His Dog Champions!!

September 12/13/14th 2014

Kevin and Greg are the Reserve International Supreme Champions!

Jimmy was also in the final

September 3/4/5/6th 2014

Kevin and Greg are the Reserve World Champions 2014!!

Jimmy was also in the final after winning both his qualifer and the Semi Final with Greg in Reserve.

July 31st/August 1st 2014

Kevin and Greg came 3rd in the Welsh National 2014,also got a place in the team with Jimmy.

Greg and Kim are the Welsh National doubles champions 2014!!!


March 7-9th 2014

Kevin was competing in the European Nursery Championship held at Serge Van Der Zweeps place in Holland. He took Jim and Bet who have been competing in the nurseries this season. Calvin Jones from Wales was judging.

Trial 1 Top 6:

Kevin Evans Jim 90 points

Nigel Watkins Nan 87 points

Kevin Evans Bet 84 points

Wiet Van Dongen Saint 83 points

Aled Owen Roy 83 points


Trial 2 top 6:

Angie Driscoll Levi 90 points

Andrea Corrubolo Doc 89 points

Aled Owen Roy 88 points

Jaran Knive Fibula 87 points

Kevin Evans Bet 87 points

Nigel Watkins Nan 84 points


The scores were then calculated and the top 10 were as follows:

Angie Driscoll Levi 348

Aled Owen Roy 347

Nigel Watkins Nan 345

Kevin Evans Bet 345

Kevin Evans Jim 345

Jaran Knive Fibula 340

Aled Owen Cap 336

Alistar Lyttle Scott 335

Jaran Knive Bea 328

Steve Lewis Karven Jake 322

Congratulations to Jaran Knive and Bea who win for the 2nd year!!

Kevin was Reserve Champion with Jim and 3rd with Bet!!

Photos taken by 'The Gather'
















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